Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers



A very warm welcome is extended to all ringers whether your tradition or interest lies in call changes or in change ringing.


Sam Nankervis, Guild President




New logins for members

As you know, we have all had the same login username and password in the past but we are changing over the next few weeks so that each member has their own login.

An explanation of the reasons why and how to get your new login details are available here.


Some members are finding it tricky to set a new password. Here is a pdf file to hopefully help you through the process.



All things ART – Survival & Recovery  and  Link to Tower Talk

The Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) have a dialogue about how we recover from the effect the Covid will have had on ringing in the UK by the time we can restart ringing again in a post pandemic era.
Further information is available along with Tower Talk and the original News Sheets from ART’s homepage


Recovery Champions YouTube channel March 2021



Updated Covid-19 Guidance   21st March 2022


Legal requirements at an end and no more free LFDs


Updated CCCBR Guidance can be found here   (Still relevant March onwards)


All updates from CCCBR available


Government regulations from 21 Mar 2022


All the information and guidance so far received – in one place



In Preparation


Hopefully we won’t be needing this anytime soon, but here is an Operation London Bridge update 


For those not familiar with operation London Bridge, these are the Ringing Guidelines on the death of a Monarch.


The key is that towers to liaise with church authorities so everyone is clear about expectations – saves any confusion!


Learn to ring?

Click here to find out more about this engaging and addictive hobby.


Join the Guild 

There are a number of different types of membership. You do not have to be a ringer.

Check out the Rules for more information

Contact our Membership Secretary to apply to join.


Truro Cathedral – Copyright M Wilby

is a website developed during lockdown to allow ringers to ring together over the internet. It is also useful for educational purposes. (eg teaching plain hunt.)
Click here for

“A Guide to using Ringing Room”



Safeguarding for Online Ringing

Safeguarding advice for the online environment
Summary of Best Practice

CCCBR Guidance