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ENTER AN EVENT ON THE CALENDAR (for those few with usernames & passwords)

 Please do not try and access the calendar from the calendar scrolling on the home page because despite what it says, this does not work! Log In.

Colour Code – black for Guild and external events, purple for WD, red for ED, green for CD and blue for ND. This helps to make it clearer.

Log In – this takes you to (a limited) dashboard

Click on “St. Event Calendar” then click on “events”(WHERE, IF YOU SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ON ANOTHER OF YOUR EVENTS, YOU MAY EDIT OR DELETE IT) and if you have the option, then click on “TDGR Calendar (id#160). Otherwise, click on “add event” which takes you the “general” tab.

Do what it asks, put in say “improvers practice”, leave the next blank and then click on the black square and then drag the arrows down to your desired colour. I cannot do this on an iPad because you need to click and drag. Should you wish to apply an icon then click on the arrow on the right of the colour select box.

Ignore “calendar default” x 2, have it featured if you so desire (it’s a bit silly), put your date(s) in by using the calendar pop up or by hand (it’s American style), probably ignore “repeater” and put in your key words eg. improvers practice”

Where this is not an all day event, untick the box and you will be able to put in start and end times. Should have put something like “improvers practice at Kenwyn” into “event name” and as “key words” you can happily click on the green “add event” box.

Add an image? At the bottom of the above page, ignore “add event”, scroll back to the top and click on “introduction”. Click on “add image” takes you to the image library where there are about 200 images. Best to put the name of your church into the search box and it will come up at which point you may click on it and then click on “pick selected” in the blue box on the right.

You want an image which is not in the library? Click upload files which takes you to your photo library where you may select your chosen image. Please avoid images of people.

Having uploaded and chosen your images (not obligatory) you may add text in either box by clicking in that box and typing. EG. you may wish to add information about tea, ringing times at various churches, directions for parking, method of the day —- whatever. YOU MAY NOW CLICK “ADD EVENT” AND IN 99% OF CASES YOU WILL HAVE PROVIDED ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION.

The external link would be the URL of say your church or organisation – an optional extra – the click “add event” —–

OR click on “location” at the top of the page or “schedule” or “guests” etc and add whatever is appropriate/necessary. On the whole you will manage to advertise your event on the calendar perfectly well by clicking on “add event” at the foot of the “introduction” or “location” tabs as above.

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