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Draft Guidelines for 19th July



There is a summary of guidance on the CCCBR website applicable from 19th July.


However there is some sensible further advice from the CCCBR President regarding ringing from now on, available here.




CCCBR – Planning for Recovery

the CCCBR steering group have devised a form which covers some of the issues we are going to face (you can of course tailor the word document version to suit your own needs). Every tower is different, but we hope it provides a structure for ringing leaders to plan for a successful return to ringing with their bands. Please do have a look at it and see how it could be used in your tower or area.


Planning & Recovery Form PDF format


Planning & Recovery Form DOCX format




See the CCCBR’s


Ringing Guidance from 17th May till 21st June


Note within this guidance about individual risk, they refer to 2 levels of risk identified by the NHS – the link given only refers to information source for the high risk group.

Use the NHS Risk Criteria which spells out high and moderate risk criteria & shows where the moderate risk criteria are sourced.



Tower and Bells – What to check after a long period of non use



Roadmap to Ringing Resumption



Message from Standing Committee

Concerning regulations now we are in Lockdown


 Update from Simon Linford 

Including 1.5m Social Distancing in specific circumstances.  



Message from Simon Linford CCCBR President

re PHE involvement so delay starting ringing till after w/e 4/5 July and link direct to FAQs on Covid



Update from Simon Linford Cautious return to Sunday Ringing


Summary of current church guidance and CCCBR advice on reducing Covid risks in towers



Ringing and COVID – what are the risks

Dr Phillip Barnes PhD FRCP
Dr Andrew Kelso MD (Res) FRCP FRCP Edin


Letter from Simon Linford ref Ringing and Covid  President of CCCBR  

5th May 2020


CCCBR COVID-19 (Summary page)

Including links to the 6 Guidance notes and FAQs.
This page is where updates appear first.
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Tower and Bells 

What to check after a long period of non use