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Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers



The Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers was founded at a meeting in the Chapter Room of the Cathedral on 8th. October 1897. The emphasis for the new Guild and one supported by the Lord Bishop of Truro in a letter carried in the first Guild report was to give up prize ringing to ring for the glory of God and not for the praise of man. Today, some 120 years later our rules continue to reflect that focus stating the object is to, “serve the Church in the Diocese of Truro”. We seek to achieve this through promoting and supporting ringers in all aspects of the Exercise.

Our Bell Restoration Fund was established in 1974 and the first grant of £75 was paid in 1978. With the support of TDGR ringers 112 grants totalling £135000 have been paid over the following 40 years. Over the years 4 new rings have been installed and 3 augmentations have taken place providing for 2 additional 10 bell towers and the 12 at our Cathedral. Now, in 2018 we have more than 900 ringers in 120 towers across our Eastern, Northern, Central and Western Districts.


Annie Holland (Guild President 2016 – 2019)  & Ian Self (Guild Librarian)