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Bell Restoration Officer


Present BRO:  Sue McClaughry
Email:   bro@tdgr.org.uk


TDGR Bell Restoration Fund


One of the charitable aims of the Guild is promoting the installation, care, and restoration of rings of bells and their fittings. Since 1975 money has been raised to help any Parish within the Diocese with three or more bells hung for full circle ringing. The grant, along with practical support, aims to encourage Parishes with the restoration of bells so that they can be rung safely and easily. The trustees and members of the Standing Committee who administer the funds are aware that they are dealing with charitable money and have an obligation to see that it is spent wisely. They have therefore issued guidelines for applicants which, together with an application form can be downloaded using the following links.  


Download Guidelines for Applicants 

Download Grant Application Form



The documents below offer some suggestions about fundraising for bell restoration projects:


Possible sources of funding

General tips for making an application

Applications to large funders 




The TDGR Bell Restoration Fund is currently committed to support projects at:

Kenwyn, St Hilary, St Cleer, St Merryn and Lanteglos-by-Camelford.


Previously supported projects include:


St Ewe – rehang of 6 bells, including renovation of the bell frame.  (Nicholson Engineering Ltd, 2020)


St Tudy – replacement of Number 3 bell gudgeon pins; all clapper bearings rebushed and shafts reprofiled; all slider pins adjusted (John Taylor & Co, 2020)


St Mary’s, Sheviock – conversion of bells to full circle ringing (John Taylor & Co, 2020)


St Senara’s, Zennor – refurbishment of 6 bells, bell fittings and bell frame (John Taylor & Co, 2019)


St Andrew’s, Calstock – rehang of 6 bells including new headstocks, clappers and wood parts; refurbishment of the bell frame (John Taylor & Co, 2019)


St Austell – all clappers ,bearings and rope pulleys overhauled (Nicholson Engineering Ltd, 2019)


St Uny’s, Lelant – complete restoration of fittings and bell frame including foundation girders (John Taylor & Co, 2019)


St Clement’s – clappers restored and rebushed (John Taylor & Co, 2019)


Week St Mary – clappers restored and rebushed (John Taylor & Co, 2019)


St Mary’s, Callington – bell frame girder ends replaced (John Taylor & Co, 2018)


Lanivet – Cracked Number 7 bell recast and rehung (John Taylor & Co, 2018)


St Veep – Remedial work on the bell frame and repairs to cracked tenor (Nicholson Engineering & Soundweld, 2017)


St Winnow – Installation of a light ring of ten bells (Nicholson Engineering & Eijsbouts, 2017)


Lanreath – refurbishment of clappers (John Taylor & Co, 2017)




About the BRO

I am an engineer by training. Having worked in the upstream end of the oil business and the financial side of maritime recruitment for many years I drifted into teaching various combinations of maths, physics, chemistry and geology before eventually having the good sense to retire. I started ringing around Christmas 2016 and almost immediately began looking at belfries as well as ringing chambers; about twelve months later I accidentally became tower captain.  During 2018 and 2019 I ran the project to rehang the bells at St Andrew’s Church, Calstock becoming BRO once that project was complete.

Sue McClaughry