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A big welcome to our new Education Officer

Jemma Hoare


Contact our Education Officer  education@tdgr.org.uk


News Flash – The Guild has a new Education Officer,


Jemma Hoare.

By way of introduction she has completed Hayley’s An Clogh interview questions……………

Full Name, Current tower(s) you ring at, any current position(s) held.

Mrs Jemma Hoare, member of Truro Cathedral and also ring regularly at Kenwyn.

Where and when did you learn to ring, who taught you how to handle?

It was a little before my 9th birthday when I had my first go on a rope (circa 1994!) The late David Hughes arrived at Selborne (Hampshire) on a Thursday evening for practice night, and myself and a couple of friends had just finished choir practice. We had taken an interest in the bell ropes up on the spider, not able to figure out how the bells were rung with them up so high! David was later assisted in our tuition by Roger and Rachael Barber (nee Seamons).

Where have you previously rung & have you held any positions of responsibility (e.g. Tower Captain/Steeple Keeper/Secretary)?

I have previously held the positions of Vice Tower Captain at Selborne and Ringing Master of the Alton & Petersfield District.

What do you love about ringing?

So many things! But the ones which stand out are having fun and lots of laughter with the team when we ring, teaching people both to handle a bell & beyond (with the accompanying cake!) and when I am lucky enough, being a part of a well struck piece of ringing. Oh, and the pub!

Please name some ringer(s) that have been an inspiration to you or have taught you something. Who were they & what was so inspirational?

Roger Barber has always been someone I have looked up to, not only because he was one of my teachers but because he is so extremely skilled on the end of a bell rope. A rare combination to have a great ringer and a great teacher. I am fortunate enough to still be able to ring with him on occasion, and it’s always a pleasure.
Julia Cater most certainly inspired my desire and enjoyment to ring bigger bells when I was younger and I still enjoy this challenge now.

Have you ever taught anyone to ring? If so, how many people and what did you learn whilst doing so?

I’ve taught several people to ring over the years, not 100% sure of the exact number (30 years is a long time to think back over!) What I do remember is that everyone taught will require it done in a slightly different way to the next. There is no one size fits all. When something doesn’t work one way, you may have to think outside the box and rely on fellow tutors to help you come up with a solution.

Tell us something that other ringers won’t necessarily know about you…

I was not an active ringer from around 2003 – 2017. When I relocated to Cornwall I rang sporadically until I returned to regular ringing in 2022, becoming a Guild Member in 2023. Bellringing really is like riding a bike – and one that I feel very fortunate to have been pulled back onto.

What were you currently learning to ring before the current restrictions and what would you like to be able to learn next?

I am trying to brush up on my Surprise Major and am learning Bristol currently. Learning is certainly much more difficult now I am a little older and have 2 young children keeping me busy! When younger there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to ring on higher numbers am I am enjoying this challenge immensely.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you whilst being involved in ringing?

Ah if only the bell chambers had ears….!
Plenty of laughs over the last 30 odd years, but I’ve got to say I remember having painful ribs when younger, at Roger’s various antics during Christmas and New Year ringing – think bellringing Santa!

Are you a member of any non-territorial guilds or associations? If yes, please give details of when you joined, how & what convinced you to do so.

I’m not currently but I wouldn’t be opposed to being. I think being able to join other associations can be beneficial for your own ringing and therefore also of those you ring with in your tower or elsewhere regularly.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in ringing?

Calling a quarter…calling a peal….ringing a peal of Surprise Royal at Portsmouth Cathedral….all achievements I am proud of. However, when I consider my biggest achievement it is teaching others. Without passing on our knowledge, the art of bellringing will not survive. Guiding others to be the best they possibly can is so rewarding and there’s no better feeling seeing someone who’s worked really hard, get something right!

What do you find difficult about ringing?

With two young daughters (age 4&6) it can be difficult to always get to practices and Sunday service ringing. However I am very fortunate to have an extremely supportive Ringing Master (Hayley Young) at Truro Cathedral. She has opened up a vast array of opportunities for me, which may not of been there otherwise.

What can you do for the TDGR and what could it be doing for you?

I would like to think I can bring some fun to our ringing in the TDGR! I really do believe, that if people are having fun, we are far more likely to retain them. Consider – if you don’t enjoy doing something why would you continue to do so?  The TDGR and it’s members, I hope, will support my future drives in education for both those new to ringing and those of our guild who would like to progress further for the benefit of themselves and their tower. We must recruit and retain for the future of our art.

Do you have any current or future ringing goals or aims? – please describe them, big or small.

I hope to be a part of the team which enters the South West 12 Bell Competition this October. I aim to have the newest Truro recruits ringing confidently for Sunday service by October. I would absolutely love to have a thriving educational programme up and running in the Guild as soon as I am able to reasonably implement such a plan! There being something for everyone is important to me and I will be asking the Guild members what they would like to be learning.

What is your favourite ring of bells of all time & why?

It’s a close draw between Exeter Cathedral (just wow!) and St Lawrence, Alton, the most beautiful ring of 8 I’ve ever had the pleasure to ring on. They were known (and may still be!) as the music box of Hampshire and sound divine.






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