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Education Officer


There has been no education officer since part way through 2020, so we have no up to date report.
The post as filled at the 2020 AGM.


Report of the Education Officer 2018.


In his address, Bishop Philip at the Diocesan Synod last week asking us all to consider where the
Diocese and our churches might be in 10 years’ time, paying particular attention to celebrating
young people and children, innovation and pioneering culture, confidence in our calling,
international relationships and generosity.

He said that the statistics of decline in the diocese are clear and that we need to be very clear that
many of our churches are coming to the end of their shelf life. He asked that those groups of people
with particular skills and passions to come forward with ideas on a church by church basis.

As a guild we do have unique skills and passions that enable us to help address the issues raised
above and come up with ideas of what we can do to help our local churches to stem this decline and
be viable centres that promote Gods Kingdom.

All the information for the Scout and Cub Badge is available on the website, and this has attracted a
lot of interest both in the County and across the country.

The education initiatives particularly with Children are available on the website. If you have other
ideas please contact me.




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