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Listening and Striking Zoom Session






Ringing up and Down


Raising and Lowering in Peal are amongst the most difficult components of bell handling. It is something that requires constant concentration and easily breaks down, but is lovely to listen to and a source of great satisfaction when done well.


There are a lot of variables to take into account when you ring up or down, This pdf file which seeks to explain what is happening, how we can improve our technique and what is going on further up the tower.


It is divided into 3 parts.

An explanation,

A Summary which could be used in a tower just before ringing up and down,

and finally A more detailed description of the dynamics.

Ringing Up and Down



Learning to Plain Hunt


Rather than “reinvent the wheel”, this is a link to the ART teaching on Plain Hunt, which explains it very well.


It also gives a number of training aids that your tower captain may be persuadable to use to help you.



Here is a link to RingBell explaining about Plain Hunt.