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Peal & Other Ringing Performance Recorder

Peal Recorder Report 2017

Only eight peals were rung for the Guild in 2017, the most notable being at St. Veep on 9th.

December to mark the refurbishment of the bells. The pages of the Guild Peal Books are complete

to the end of the year.

A Quick Look at Call Change & Quarter Peals

In the absence of a formal report the following cuts an across the records maintained for the Guild and set out in full under “Ringing.”

A total of 79 call change performances are recorded across the Guild with a variety of names and numbers called. In so far as there are any favourite places to ring such performances Pillaton, Probus and St. Gluvias are the “leading lights”.

A total of 125 quarter peals are recorded 3 of which are on handbells. Quarter peals have been rung at 58 towers widely spread across the Guild. At a glance, 44 tower bell quarters are of surprise methods equally spread between minor and major, doubles dominate at 40 and there was 1 surprise maximus quarter.

Any errors are mine and lie in the “quick look” employed.

Quarter Peal & Call Change Report


Running from 14th October to the 22nd inclusive we stretched the week to 9 days and out of it came 8 call change performances and 17 1/4 peals. That’s 3 up on a total of 22 last year and overalll, an awful lot more than would usually be rung in a 9 day period.

This is a week in which we can celebrate our dual heritage of call changes and method ringing and that is particularly clear at Pillaton and Callington both of whom rang in both disciplines. Also of note is the 1/4 on the new 10 at St Winnow where two of our younger ringers rang their first quarters with another young person scoring his first of minor at St Agnes.

The opportunity for “firsts” is a feature of this week and typically allows for well supported and therefore successful attempts. All the bands are deserving of congratulation and for loving those moments of success. Sometimes, “that’s all” and the sound of rounds are just the best.

Annie Holland