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Ringing Performance Secretary


Carolyn Howell



What do we call a performance? 50 years ago it was Peals and pretty much nothing else, today a performance is whatever YOU want, whether that be a long length of Surprise Maximus or someone’s first bit of call changes. If you feel that something has been rung that is worthwhile let us know about it. Bellboard (http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/) is your first port of call, perhaps on the Facebook group ‘Bellringing in Cornwall’ or even in An Clogh.

I want to ensure that any performance that has been publicised will get recorded in future reports that will be homed on this website including any tolling (for the death of the Queen for example) or for more joyous occasions such as the Coronation

JY  previous Ringing Performance Secretary



Contact our Ringing performance recorder  ringingperformances@tdgr.org.uk