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President’s Report for Virtual AGM 18/9/2021


During our time of lockdown over the past year, we hope many of you have taken
advantage and enjoyed the many and varied Zoom topics we’ve provided on most Sunday
After this time of no bell ringing, now is an ideal time to be pro-active engaging with
Parishioners and members of the public to see if they have an interest in bells, or taking up
a new activity. Families are good for this, as you instantly get a few new ringers.
It will be the Guilds 125th year anniversary in Oct. 2022, for which the usual things have
been planned. As well as these, the standing committee would like to make this celebration
extra special, and for that we are seeking ideas on how to make that happen, and how you
would like this occasion celebrated. If, at any time, you have an idea, please come forward
and tell us, after all, this occasion is for us all to celebrate and enjoy.

Sam Nankervis & Hayley Young
TDGR President TDGR Sec.

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