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TDGR AGM via ZOOM 24.10.2020

Public Relations Report / 2019-2020

Lautendiserinnern / ‘Remember Aloud’


Good Evening,
18th May 2019, AGM St Goran – ‘pass the church, up the hill and turn right.
‘We rang at Caerhays first and Sam stood by me’ Alastair remembers. ‘Then on
to the ‘new’ 8. They have done a lot of work in Goran church and it was
beautiful.’ He fingered his ‘Ringing Remembers’ campaign badge given to
those who learned to ring to mark the Centenary of the First World War. ‘I
don’t suppose I can do it now’ he said ruefully, but others were optimistic at
the time. Little did we know what lay ahead.
The atmosphere at the AGM was buoyant and this was not simply the result of
an excellent Tea. TDGR looked back over an exciting year and looked forward
with confidence to the possibility of ringing for a Royal Christening. I attended
Sam’s first meeting as our new Chair of the Steering Group on 15 June 2019 at
Kenwyn, then packed my bags, as it seemed a good time for the PRO to visit
her family in Canada.A Public Relations Officer wears several hats and
diplomacy behind the scenes is just as important as in the public eye. My
thanks to Annie for all the work she has done for the TDGR, and also to Robert,
for listening to the PRO’s ideas!
Then I went camping with bears and grandchildren in British Columbia leaving
the Bell Restoration Officer to do her own PR for the Calstock restoration,
‘Congratulations Sue, you did an excellent job.’ (Note: You can hear a recording
of Sue McClaughry talking about her project on Zoom, Sunday 4 October 2020
on the TDGR website.)Watching it brought back happy memories of ringing in
the Eastern District 6 Bell Striking Competition at Calstock on 28 September
2019 and the Bell Dedication on November 23rd
Moving on, it would be remiss not to mention the pleasure we all receive from
the regular issues of our on-line Magazine ‘ An Clogh’ – thanks to Ian and
especially yourselves for the interesting contributions, and also for the updates
from the CCCBR, which appear on the TDGR website, with guidance for
example, for Remembrance Sunday Ringing, ‘half-muffled’ for the Armistice.
(During Covid, CCCBR is the first place to look) The TDGR Christmas Carol
Service on 14 December at Ladock and ‘Ringing in the New Year’ in churches
across Cornwall brought happiness to one and all.
It is reassuring to look back on the calendar and see regular entries for Tower
Practices and Sunday Service Ringing throughout the winter, but then came
news of the Covid 19 Pandemic and by 8th May 2020 plans for VE Day
celebrations and all ringing was cancelled, the country in lock-down and the
AGM delayed. Step up Hayley, Carolyn, Owen and others who seized on new
technologies like Zoom to bring bellringing into our homes. They are offering a
fascinating series of programmes about bells and bell ringing with guest
speakers and slide presentations every Sunday evening at 8pm that are just
too good to miss. We hope to see you there via your computer screen.
Comments about my PR talk on Zoom, 23 August 2020 and idea for a ‘Cornish
Treasure Hunt’ will be welcome.

Lautendiserinnern / ‘Remember Aloud’(or put it in your diary)

Jane McCutchan / PRO

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