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Report for 2017

Guild Treasurers Report for 2017 – (TDGR AGM March 2018)

This report should be considered alongside the accounts as presented and the notes to them

Overview.  In my opinion the Guilds finances continue to be in a sound state. The slight downward trend relating to income received continues. Bell Restoration Grants totalled £12,650 in 2017 the highest ever annual total. The Guild has benefited from a bequest of £11,111 from the late Miss Freda Alcock of St Minver.

The Guild’s Balances totalled £84,749.34 at the 2017 year end, this being £4,647.37 higher than a year earlier.

Share Valuation – our holding with the CCLA – CBF Church of England Investment Fund continues to perform well. The share valuation at the 2017 year end was £89,281.94 which compares favourably with the value at the end of 2016, £81,889.70.

I recommend no change to the current level of subscriptions

General Fund. Subscription income continues to fall, but it was still possible to transfer the normal annual amount of £3000 from the General Fund to the Bell Restoration Fund. The fund has an excess of expenditure over income of £170.22 for 2017.

Bell Restoration Fund. During 2017 grants have been paid to Mullion(£200), St Winnow(£7500), Lanreath(£275) and St Veep(£4,675).  This amounts to £12,650, the highest ever annual total.

With an excess of expenditure over income of £5462.41 the fund balance stands at £69789.79 at the 2017 year end.

There is a liability of £6000 in respect of a grant due to be paid to Lelant upon completion of works.

Collections in memory of Henry Trewin total £848, held in the BRF, and earmarked for use in the Northern District.

Bequests.  Following the purchase of shelving in relation to the Guild Library, £343 remains in the bequest relating to A Davidson. The bequest from Miss F Alcock £11,111 is also shown separately in the accounts.

Education Fund The fund balance is £1150.26

Finally The 2018 AGM sees the end of my period as treasurer as I am not seeking re-election. After 5 years in post I feel that the time is right for another to take on this role, and I wish my successor well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank District Secretaries and Treasurers past and present for all the work they have done, especially in relation to the Guild finances. Mike Cockeram, our independent examiner, also deserves my thanks. In particular I would like to thank our long serving Guild Secretary, Robert Perry, who has given ongoing support and assistance throughout my period as treasurer.

David Ralls  February 2018