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Guild Public Relations Officer

Role Descriptions

  1. Hold the pro@tdgr.org.uk email address for the purposes of contact by TDGR members and external bodies,
  2. (As currently constituted) Be a member of the standing committee and attend those meetings (presently 3 a year),
  3. Issue press releases as appropriate to advertise or inform the public of ringing events,
  4. Periodically monitor media eg. Facebook, Twitter, The Ringing World, Bellboard, local press and the Truro Diocesan web site,
  5. Liaise with the web master as necessary
  6. Liaise with the president and secretary as necessary.
  7. Promote Guild events eg. the Carol service


Rule 12.6 “The Public Relations Officer (PRO) shall promote the image of the Guild and ringers generally amongst the public, the church and all Ringers.”

The above is not exhaustive and the post holder may develop the post to best represent the needs of the Guild and ringing at the time.



The following is believed to comply with the guidelines produced by the Truro Diocese upon whom there is a duty of care for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.

The format used is that found in appendix G of the Diocesan Safeguarding Guidelines which may be found in their entirety on the Truro Diocesan website. (Scroll to the bottom of the home page and on the right hand, under “key links” click on “safeguarding training”. Once through to that page , on the right, under “Find Documents” click on “Guidance” which takes you to “Responsible Caring Safeguarding Guidelines” for the comprehensive pdf)

What follows is offered as a generic job description or by way of assistance to those required to compile their own. Tower captains may therefore use it (or not) or adapt it before seeking to agree it with their Priest in Charge and the PCC together with the parish safeguarding officer. Where the position of Priest in Charge is vacant, the Rural Dean holds that responsibility with the PCC. The “responsible persons” are therefore the Priest in Charge or Rural Dean where there is no Priest in Charge and the PCC together with the parish safeguarding officer.


A band of ringers shall from time to time nominate a member of the band as tower captain. They will do so in accordance with their constitution be that written or clearly defined by custom and practice. For example, where there is an annual meeting of the ringers it will be apparent from the minutes how such nominations are secured. In other instances the nomination will be secured by the band of ringers in conjunction with the Responsible persons.

Once secured, the nomination shall be provided to the responsible persons.

The nominee is required by the Diocese to: –

(a) complete an application form
(b) provide 2 referees one of whom should be an employer or from a previous parish;
(c) meet by way of interview with the responsible persons;
(d) if the nomination is accepted by those in (b) above the nominee is required to sign a declaration as a prelude to checks being made through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS);
(e) the nominee can expect to be appointed as tower captain after the receipt of acceptable references and DBS clearance;
(f) attend a safeguarding foundation course as soon after appointment as may be arranged (see Diocesan web site for course dates and on line booking).

Name of Worker Tower Captain, St. ————, ————-

Name of Group The Bell Ringers Age Group 8 – 100

Persons to whom Responsible The Priest in Charge, (or the Rural Dean
where there is a vacancy for Priest) and the
PCC together with the parish safeguarding
officer (the responsible persons)

When and where Meets practice nights, service ringing with times, weddings


  1. To organise and take charge of ringing for services, weddings, practice night and for other occasions as requested by the responsible persons.
  2. To promote ringing within the parish through recruitment initiatives, the teaching of learners of all ages and the supervision of their development, this being a regulated activity.
  3. To ensure the safety of all those who ring at the church by having a tower health and safety policy/risk assessment;
  4. To ensure that that policy/risk assessment is known to and available to all the bell ringers and is displayed in the tower.
  5. To ensure that policy/risk assessment is reviewed at least annually and otherwise in accordance with the frequency set out therein.
  6. To ensure that any incident which falls under that policy/risk assessment is reported and noted in accordance therewith.
  7. To ensure that the Diocesan Safeguarding Guidelines are brought to the attention of the ringers, that the CCCBR guidelines are displayed in the tower and that those who teach and/or supervise minors or vulnerable adults only do so after the parish safeguarding officer has confirmed their role.
  8. To liaise with the parish safeguarding officer so that that person is aware of those ringers who fall within the safeguarding remit;
  9. To arrange for the bell installation to be maintained and checked liaising with the responsible persons in respect of repairs or maintenance.
  10. To arrange an AGM (set out month) each year inviting the Priest in Charge to chair that meeting.To liaise with the responsible persons in order to keep them appraised of ringing activities.
  11. To request a meeting between the ringers and the PCC at their earliest convenience or to attend an invitation to such a meeting where, for whatever reason it appears that differences incapable of informal resolution have arisen between any of the responsible persons and any of the ringers. The purpose of such meeting(s) shall be to resolve differences amicably.


I understand the nature of the work I am agreeing to do with children/vulnerable adults.
I have read the Diocesan Policy on Safeguarding and I understand that it is my duty to safeguard the well-being of all people with whom I come in contact. I know what action to take if abuse is disclosed or discovered.

Signed Date


In asking you to complete this form we welcome you wholeheartedly to this work and hope you will find it rewarding. We agree to provide the Support and Supervision outlined in the Diocesan Policy.

Signed Date

Annie Holland / Mary Jones 10.11 2016 version 1.5 (final version)
amended as to access to information on the Truro Diocesan site 17.11.18 ARH