Recruitment & Retention Workshops

Since I’ve started in the role of acting public relations officer, I’ve heard lots from ringers who’d like to recruit, and retain, people into their towers so that they can keep ringing.

Ringing means so much to so many people on different levels doesn’t it?  Whether it’s the enthusiasm to keep the bells ringing for worshippers and to mark religious and important local and national traditions, or the sense of physical and mental wellbeing ringing brings.  Lots of us are emotionally connected to the cultural heritage of our church towers and the bells and of course who can deny the sense of community, fun and friendship that being part of a band has too.  Whatever it is that pulled us in to our unique hobby and keeps us returning to the towers, recruitment and retention plays a vital role in preserving it and passing on the joy to our future generations.

Public relations plays a big role in helping with this.  That’s why over the next few months I’m going to be arranging some workshops for anyone looking for some inspiration for their own towers. Combining help and advice from the Association of Ringing Teachers, the Central Council, TDGR and the amazing depth of knowledge and experience we have around our districts, the aim of these informal fun sessions will be to help you attract and retain people who are as passionate as we are.

Dates and locations will be confirmed very soon.  I’m excited to meet those of you who’d like to join in.

Jo – Acting Guild PRO