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Call Change Ringing




Call Changes – by Owen Borlase

A file explaining some of the mysteries of Call Change Peals !


Listen to Owen Borlase in a podcast with Cathy Booth of


“Fun with Bells”


Talking about call change ringing in Cornwall.



Learn about the differences from Method ringing, how call change peals are constructed, and how it is more than just a step to method ringing but a ringing specialism in it’s own right.


Learn more about Call Change Ringing from


The Learning Curve

Call Change arrangements suggested for the Diamond Jubilee


70 call changes, by Eric Bannister

70 changes on 6 bells


70 call changes, by Owen Borlase

70 changes on 5 bells

70 changes on 7 bells


Jubilee call changes on 8 bells, by Phil Tremain

70 changes Queens

Queens Hunter 500


70 Call Changes on 5 bells

Based on Devonshire 60 on 3rds   By Martin Spittle

First 62 changes are 60 on 3rds like the composition by Eric, but Tenor not turned in at the end..

70 call changes based on 60 on 3rds



See Jubilee Ringing Suggestions for some more ideas


Method ringing suggestions




Includes other short performances and can be found here on the

Performance Secretary’s Page