How to use the website to plan a ringing tour


There are a number of ways to plan a tour


1) You have an area you want to go to and plan your tour from a focal point

2) You have a rough route you want to follow and want to see the geographical layout of the towers

3) You know specific towers you wish to visit

You can of course use a combination of these.


1) & 2)  To find a map of all the towers in the TDGR area

Click <Towers> on the main menu

Click <Towers> again for a map of all of Cornwall

Or Click on the District (<Northern>, <Eastern> etc.) if you know the  particular district area you want to search.

Use the filter at the top of the page to choose to see only eg. 5-6 and 7-8 bell towers, or to limit the tenor bell weights (e.g. if you want to avoid tricky light bells or really heavy bells). There is also a practice night filter if you are wishing to visit a number of towers on different evenings.

Clicking on the red marker will reveal the name and address of the tower without leaving the page. Clicking the Tower name will reveal more information about the tower and a link to our Tower Contacts Directory.


3) If you already know the name of a tower you want to visit and want to find it directly, or are not sure where it is, then type the name into the search box at the top of each page, and after a few seconds a list of results will appear, usually with the tower you are looking for as the first on the list.