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We could do with some help



The way it works is you fill in the form if you need help, this is sent to a list of ringers who have already indicated they are happy to help out, and also to the Swap-shop team who will add you request to the Swap-shop page of the website. You can either add your email address so they can get back in touch with you, or ask for them to use your tower contact form if you wish to keep your email address out of the public domain.


The more notice you can give the volunteers, the more likely you are to get an offer of help.


Once you have enough offers of help, please let us know on the Swap-shop team so we can take the advert down, or you will have some unnecessary emails.


Our role here is to put you in touch with willing volunteers who are happy to come and help. We are not trying to organise the ringing for the event, just putting you in touch with other ringers who have offered to help out. We therefore have no responsibility in this arrangement which will be entirely between the tower in need and the ringer. We cannot we guarantee to find someone to help out, nor do we assess anybody’s ringing ability.


It is always possible that under 18s may contact you to volunteer. If this is the case we have asked them to let you know that they are under 18, and of course all usual safeguarding protocols will need to be followed.


Information about our use of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Notice

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To give helpers an idea of time commitment and need to be quiet on arrival etc
E.g. number of bells in tower, whether you prefer to ring method, call changes or whatever the band is happy with, parking arrangements if it would be helpful to someone who has never been to your tower before etc.