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Why do we need to have a login?


GDPR states that we have to protect personal data, anything that identifies you, unless you give us permission to publish your details.  We also need to keep children’s personal details protected unless parents have given consent for their details to be posted. However there are some situations where it is a ‘Legitimate Interest’ of the Guild to publish some personal details – eg names and contact details of guild officers and the directory of tower contacts.


It is however appropriate that members of the Guild can find out who the other members are, and who tower captains are, so these are available to members using a log in.


If you have forgotten to pay your membership, or want to join the Guild even if you are not a ringer, then please email



If you are a member?


Please fill in the form below and click submit.


You can choose a username to log in with or you can also use your email address to log in.


We will need your name to check your membership status.


We will send a link to the email address you provide to set up your password within the next few days. There will be a link in the email – click on it .

(The process of choosing a new password is not proving very user friendly for quite a few folk. Here is a pdf file that will hopefully guide you through the process.  This pdf help file starts as if you had previously received a personal login but have forgotten your password. If you have only just requested a username & password and now received your email and have clicked the link to set your password you are already at stage 5 of the help file.)

Put in a new ‘strong’ password and click Save Password.
Click to log in and your password will work.
Please send another request if you have not received the email to change your password within 5 days.

Any problems please contact


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