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Health & Safety


We have not had an appointed Health and Safety Officer since early 2020.


TDGR reporting an incident in a bell tower


Each year we become aware of incidents in the bell tower. Often these are anecdotal and rarely are they investigated or information about them passed on across the exercise so that we can avoid future incidents and learn from those incidents that have happened.

The Guild would appreciate your help in providing me with the information set out below as this will help to inform any advice or training plans. The aim would be to help make the exercise safer for everyone and spread good practice to all ringers in this diocese.


This form is also available to  download.




TOWER name (I may contact the tower captain/secretary via the website) 




Date Time

WHERE did the incident happen?

Was someone INJURED? Their age

What was the INJURY?

Please DESCRIBE what HAPPENED – what was the person doing? As much detail as possible please.




If there was an injury, did the person need medical treatment?          Hospital?        GP?

Was the incident reported to the incumbent/a church warden?

Was this report verbal or written or both?

Do you know whether there is a recorded maintenance log book for the tower?

Please describe any action that has been taken to prevent a similar incident.

When were the bells and fittings last inspected?


Thank you for your help. Please copy or print it from the Health & Safety Officer’s page on the website and email it to:-  Rob Pearce, Guild Health & Safety Officer.








Contact our Health and Safety officer  healthandsafety@tdgr.org.uk