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Guild Secretary’s Report

Once again I have undertaken the secretarial duties which as the job title suggests comes with the position.   This has included not only answering ad-hoc enquiries as they are received but other routine tasks such as the sad one of recording the deaths of former members as I learn of them, and the much happier one of dealing with requests for Long Service Certificates.   Other jobs such as making the arrangements for this meeting and for the meetings of the Standing Committee require help from other officers of the Guild and I am grateful to them for the support which I always receive.


At this meeting Helen Perry and Dave Ralls stand down as Peal Recorder and Guild Treasurer.   Both of them, together with Ian Self who has already stood down as Report Editor, have given loyal service to our Guild and I am very grateful to all of them for their contribution to our affairs during their periods in office.   At this meeting we shall consider a proposal to recognise the contribution made to us by another former officer and past President, Phil Tremain.   Like any voluntary body our Guild relies upon those who are willing to take on sometimes time-consuming responsibilities on its behalf and we thank them all for what they do.


This AGM Agenda contains a number of motions relating to the governance of our Guild, and although some are expressed in dry and rather technical language they have all been proposed by those who feel that their adoption is in our best interests.   I am sure that this will be reflected in our discussion of them, whether we agree with them or not.   The motions put forward by the Standing Committee are designed to increase the role and importance of the District meetings, which by being held before the Guild AGM (if the relevant motions are carried by the required majority) will be able to influence the decisions which future AGMs will take.


As you know, the Guild will not this year be publishing a printed Report, not least because it has not been possible to find a replacement Editor.   It may be that an enhanced Guild website will be able to make any future printed publication unnecessary, but that is a decision still to be taken.   A sub-committee has examined in detail the steps which would need to be taken if a printed version of the Report were still to be printed, especially in lightening the load borne by its editor.   Their proposals would involve the creation of new officer posts, including those of a Membership Secretary, Peal Secretary (with enhanced responsibilities as compared with those of the current Peal Recorder post) and Quarter Peal Secretary.   Work on this is ongoing.   One online edition of An Clogh has already appeared under Ian Self’s editorship, and if future editions can keep up the standard of the first we shall have a very good and accessible source of news about our various activities up and down our diocese.


During 2017 we received a legacy of £11,111 from the estate of the late Miss Freda Alcock.   The Standing Committee has not yet decided how this money should be used.   It was an unrestricted donation so we have complete flexibility in what we can do with it.   Another issue which we have continued to consider is the most appropriate way in which we can commemorate the names of those Cornish ringers who died on active service during the First World War.   Our original plan was to hang a board in the Cathedral ringing chamber, but more recently we have examined the possibility of creating a bound volume for display in the Cathedral subject to all necessary permissions being forthcoming.   This would be both visible to more people and more capable of updating if any additions or errors came to light.


This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the making of the first grant from our Bell Restoration Fund.   Over these four decades we have made 111 grants totalling just over £135,000.   This is a fantastic achievement given that almost all the capital in question has been raised by Cornish ringers in the first place.   We must all hope that the Fund continues to thrive so that we can continue to help each other out in the future.


Finally, I thank all members for their help over the past year.   I much appreciate it.



Robert J Perry

Available from Guild Secretary

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Membership and Long Service Certificates


these A4 laminated certificates bear the Guild logo and will state the name and number of

years of membership. Please discuss any presentation considerations with the Guild Secretary.



Enamel Lapel Badges


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Car Stickers


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Information concerning property of the Guild – although contact the holder in the first instance


  • Guild Bell, Gift in 1965 of Col. C.F. Jerram – in the care of the Guild Secretary


  • Presidential Badge of Office – in the care of the President


  • Centenary Headboard, Gift of Donald Dunkley, mounted in the Cathedral Ringing Chamber


  • Handbells, Gift of Richard Stevens – in the care of a ringer, contact Guild Secretary


  • Recruitment Banner, purchased 2010 and in the care of the librarian


Agenda 2018


Founded 1897

The Annual General Meeting of the Guild will be held on Saturday 3 March 2018 at WEEK ST MARY

Details of ringing arrangements will be available on the Guild website

2.15pm Service at Week St Mary Parish Church
3.00pm Annual General Meeting at Week St Mary Parish Church
4.15pm (approx) Refreshments
After Refreshments Further Ringing as notified at the meeting


1 In memory of members deceased (please notify me of any names in advance of the meeting)
2 Apologies of Absence
3 Minutes of the AGM held on 4 March 2017 at Ladock
4. Matters arising from the Minutes
5 Presentation of Reports: (a) President
(b) Treasurer, with accounts
(c) Guild Secretary
(d) Education Officer
(e) Bell Restoration Officer
(f) Public Relations Officer
(g) Librarian
(h) Peal Recorder
(i) Central Council Representatives
(j) Safeguarding Officer
6 Election of Officers: (a) President
(b) Guild Secretary
(c) Guild Treasurer (Dave Ralls is not seeking re-election)
(d) Independent Examiner of Accounts
(e) Education Officer
(f) Public Relations Officer
(g) Librarian
(h) Peal Recorder (Helen Perry is not seeking re-election)
(i) Report Editor
7 MOTION, proposed by Annie Holland and seconded by Robert Perry: That Philip Tremain be elected a Life Vice-President of the Guild.
8 MOTION, proposed by Ian Young and seconded by Phil Young: That after the second sentence of Rule 8.1 (Standing Committee) the sentence ”At any Standing Committee meeting up to two members per tower of the Guild can attend in addition to the Committee.” be inserted.
9 MOTION, proposed by the Standing Committee: That Rule 8.1 (first sentence) be deleted and the following wording be substituted: The Executive Officers, one representative from each District (to be elected by each District at its business meeting next before the date of the Annual General Meeting of the Guild, but with provision for the District to appoint a substitute for that representative should he or she be unable or unwilling to attend), the Bell Restoration Officer, the Education Officer, the Health and Safety Officer, the Public Relations Officer and the Safeguarding Officer shall form the Standing Committee.
10 MOTION, proposed by the Standing Committee: That Rule 10, paragraph 2, be amended to reflect the motion above as follows: “…elect one of its number to serve on the Standing Committee and appoint a substitute who will stand in for that member if necessary,…”
11 MOTION, proposed by the Standing Committee: That in order to facilitate a re-ordering of the Guild’s timetable of meetings, and specifically to enable the spring District meetings to take place before the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), (1) Rule 6.1 be suspended until the conclusion of the 2019 AGM, the date for which will be announced by the Standing Committee and which will allow the four District meetings due to be held in spring 2019 to take place first (2) the period specified in Rule 5.1 for the giving of Notice of proposals to be made at the 2019 AGM be suspended until the conclusion of the 2019 AGM, (3) all other relevant Rules be construed in a way which permits these changes and (4) the Standing Committee propose to the 2019 AGM a new Rule for determining the date of AGMs in following years.
12 Date and Place of Carol Service 2018
13 Place of Annual General Meeting 2019
14 Announcement of election of non-resident life members
15 Long Service Certificates awarded/endorsed since the last Annual General Meeting
16 Any Other Business at the President’s discretion

Robert J Perry
Guild Secretary
01872 277117

January 2018

Registered Charity Number 268122

Minutes 2017

MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting, held at Ladock Parish Church on Saturday 4 March 2017 at 3.00pm, and preceded by ringing at Probus and Ladock and by a service conducted by Revd Canon Andrew Wade.


PRESENT: Annie Holland (St Agnes) (President, in the Chair); Renfree Stephens, Roger Tallis, Hayley Young, Ian Young, Phil Young, Jonathan Young (Ladock); Geoff Holland (St Agnes); Carolyn Howell (St Buryan); Kim Sudell (Callington and Linkinhorne); Doreen Sullivan, Roger Sullivan (Carbis Bay); Ian Banbury (St Cleer); Denise Tremain, Phil Tremain (St Columb Major); Kevan Borlase, Owen Borlase, Hilary Davis, Jane Grimwood, Sue Jones, Tim Jones (St Dominic); Eric Bannister (St Erme); Jane Hitchens, Neil Hitchens (Gulval); Margaret Pryor, Stanley Pryor (Helston); Edward Carlyon, Norman Mattingley, Steph Mattingley, Helen Perry (Kenwyn); John Toms (Lanhydrock); Ruth Reeves (Lanteglos-by-Camelford); Burnard Mitchell (St Mary, Launceston); Janeve Bainbridge, Christopher Hortin (Lelant); Robert Corney, Liz Gliddon, Esther Jones, Sue Shadrick (Marhamchurch); Andrew Brown (St Martin’s-by- Looe); Robin Woods (St Mellion); Brian Wood (St Merryn); Alec Bawden (St Mewan); Jacqueline Davis, John Davis (Mullion); Anne Wood (Padstow); Richard Warwick (Pillaton); Peter Burton, Liza Deards (Probus); Ian Self, Michael Wycherley (Redruth); Jeff Britchford, Sue Britchford (St Stephen-in-Brannel); Christine Iles, Harry Nicholls (Stithians); Viv Tregellas (Talland); Mary Jones (Towednack); Revd Canon Malcolm Bowers, Valerie Williams (Truro Cathedral); Robert Perry (Truro Cathedral and Kenwyn).


Also present: Edward Groome


60 resident members attended, representing 32 towers.


1          THE PRESIDENT opened the meeting by ringing the Guild Bell, and welcomed all present.   She thanked Canon Wade for conducting the service and the local ringers for their welcome and for the refreshments to be consumed after the meeting.


2          LOSS OF MEMBERS   Members stood while the Guild Secretary (Robert Perry) read the names of those members who had passed to higher service since the last meeting – Mary Barnett, Peter Coppin, Trevor Gliddon, Stuart Heywood, Andrew Reeves, Catherine Rentoul, Kosh Tucker and Jim Yates.   Canon Bowers said a prayer.


3          APOLOGIES OF ABSENCE were received from Rupert Adkins, Geoff Auckland, Anne Body, Monty Hooper, Robert Pearce, David Ralls, Douglas Reece, George Roberts, Ray Spencer, Debbie Spittle, Martin Spittle, Lucy Thompson and Terry White.


4          THE MINUTES of the previous meeting, held at Bradoc Parish Church on 5 March 2016, were taken as read, approved as a true record and signed by the President.   There were no matters arising.


5          REPORTS were presented either in person or by proxy by the President, the Treasurer (David Ralls), the Guild Secretary, the Education Officer (Robert Pearce), the Bell Restoration Officer (John Davis); the Public Relations Officer (Phil Tremain), the Librarian (Ian Self), the Peal Recorder (Helen Perry), the Central Council Representatives (Robert Perry) and the Child Protection Officer (Mary Jones).   Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report, in which David advised that there was no current need to increase Guild subscriptions, and of the accounts contained within it, was proposed by Ian Self, seconded by Ruth Reeves and agreed.   Both the President and the Guild Secretary referred to Phil Tremain’s decision not to seek re-election after 33 years of service as Public Relations Officer, and thanked him for his very significant contribution to the work of the Guild over that time.   Members showed their appreciation of his services with applause, and Canon Bowers thanked all the other officers for their work over the past year.


6          ELECTION OF PRESIDENT   Robert Perry took the Chair and invited nominations for the post of President.   Annie Holland was proposed by Owen Borlase and seconded by John Davis.   There were no other nominations and Robert declared that Annie had been re-elected.



Other elections were held as follows:


Office                                      Nominee                     Proposer                     Seconder

Guild Secretary                       Robert Perry               Ian Self                        Malcolm Bowers

Guild Treasurer                       David Ralls                  Neil Hitchens               Phil Tremain

Independent Examiner           Mike Cockeram          Robert Corney            Mary Jones

Education Officer                   Robert Pearce            Ruth Reeves               Mary Jones

Guild Librarian                         Ian Self                        Brian Wood                 Michael Wycherley

Peal Recorder                         Helen Perry                 John Davis                  Kevan Borlase

Report Editor                           Ian Self                        Mary Jones                 Ruth Reeves


No nominations were received for the post of Public Relations Officer.   There was agreement that the post was an important one which needed to be filled if a suitable candidate could be found.   It was agreed that the existence of the vacancy should be considered at all the forthcoming district meetings and that the Standing Committee should have power to make an appointment during the year if an appointee could be identified.   In discussion of this item the President gave details of the areas of work which any appointee would be expected to cover, and agreed to speak on the subject to those district meetings which she was able to attend.


8          MOTION   On behalf of the Standing Committee Robert Perry proposed, and Annie Holland seconded, that Rule 8.1 (Standing Committee) be changed so that the final sentence of this Rule would read ”Such Officers shall include a Bell Restoration Officer, a Health and Safety Officer and a Safeguarding Officer.”   Annie and Robert explained that although the Standing Committee did already have the power to make this appointment, and had done so at its most recent meeting, the Committee felt that the importance of the role made it necessary for the Committee to be required to make this appointment rather than it merely having a power to do so.


Members made various comments, with the need to ensure that anyone appointed was fully competent to carry out the duties of the post, and a broader discussion ensued over the need to ensure that other officers, such as anyone acting as the Guild’s Webmaster, were fully compliant with all relevant legislation.   As required by the Guild’s Rules a ballot was held, and it was subsequently announced that 44 votes had been cast in favour of the motion, 11 had been cast against it and 2 abstentions had been recorded.   The President confirmed that the necessary two-thirds majority had been reached and accordingly declared the motion carried.


9          GUILD CAROL SERVICE 2017   The Guild accepted with thanks an invitation from Ian Self for the service to be held at Redruth on Saturday 9 December.


10        PLACE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2017   No invitation was forthcoming at the meeting, but members from a tower did say that they would investigate whether it would be possible for them to host the meeting and report further in due course.


11        ELECTION OF NON-RESIDENT LIFE MEMBERS   The Guild Secretary read the names of the seven people who had been elected as non-resident life members since the previous meeting.


12        LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES   The President presented Kevan Borlase with a Certificate which marked his fifty years of ringing.   The Guild Secretary read the names of the nineteen members who had been awarded Long Service Certificates since the previous meeting.   The President then presented Robert Perry with a Certificate to mark his completion too of fifty years of ringing.



A member commented that it had been difficult for many members to hear all that had been said.   He asked that in future all possible use be made of any microphone and other amplification facilities which host venues might have.   The President and Guild Secretary confirmed that they would do this in the future.


The President announced that evening ringing would take place at Ladock and at St Erme.


The President said that she was very pleased that in her report as Safeguarding Officer Mary Jones had been able to confirm that she had been appointed as a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Committee.   This would create a direct link between the Diocese and the Guild which could be only beneficial.


Ian Young asked that it be minuted that he had submitted a motion to the President for inclusion on the agenda for this meeting but had been told both that his motion had been received after the due date as defined by the Rules of the Guild and that she had declined to exercise her discretion in favour of allowing discussion of it nonetheless.   (The motion sought to amend Rule 8.1 by the insertion after its second sentence of an additional sentence reading “At any Standing Committee meeting up to two members per tower of the Guild can attend in addition to the Committee”, and was supported by an explanatory preamble and four specific reasons.)


A member invited the President to comment on her decision not to allow discussion of this motion and Annie gave her reasons for doing so.   After further debate on this subject Ian Self proposed and Harry Nicholls seconded that the meeting move to its next business.   This motion was put to the meeting and carried.


There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 4.27pm.   An excellent tea followed, and further ringing took place at Ladock and St Erme.










3 March 2018