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(Revised 18/9/2021)


TDGR Rules

2021 Revision, amended 21-5-22

Section 1. Policies



The Society shall be called The Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers (The Guild) and its object shall be to serve the Church in the Diocese of Truro.



The Guild shall fulfil its object by:
2.1 Encouraging members to ring for services and on other appropriate occasions.
2.2 Promoting good fellowship amongst ringers of all traditions.
2.3 Supporting bands in the recruitment, retention and training of ringers.
2.4 Helping members to achieve a high standard of ringing.
2.5 Promoting the installation, augmentation, care and restoration of rings of bells and their fittings.
2.6 Furthering an appreciation of bells and bell ringing amongst the general public.



3.1 The Lord Bishop of the Diocese (ex officio) shall be invited to be Patron
3.2 The Bishop of St Germans, The Dean of Truro Cathedral and the Archdeacons of the Diocese (ex officio) shall be invited to be Vice Patrons.
3.3 Life Vice Presidents who have been elected as members and who have given outstanding and notable service to the Guild.
3.4 The President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Officer, Membership Secretary, Performance Recorder, Librarian, Report Editor, Public Relations Officer, Youth Liaison Officer and Bell Restoration officer shall be elected annually at the Guild Annual General Meeting (AGM) who, in addition to Central Council (CCCBR) representatives elected triennially by the Guild Annual Meeting, and two representatives elected from each district, will constitute the Standing Committee and the Trustees of the Guild. They will abide with the requirements and rules of the Charity Commission in these roles.
3.5 The Webmaster, Health and Safety Officer and Safeguarding Officer shall be appointed by the Standing Committee and will not be Trustees. They may attend and speak at Standing Committee meetings but will not be entitled to vote. A membership appointed trustee (3.4) may also hold these roles with full voting rights.
3.6 All Trustees must be adult, associate, student or honorary life members of the Guild. The Treasurer will maintain the list of trustees and will complete the Charity Commission returns annually.
3.7 The Guild shall follow Charity Commission rules.
3.8 The Guild shall maintain a library at a location appropriate both for the preservation of the items it contains and for access by members by prior arrangement for the purpose of research or the borrowing or inspection of books and papers.
3.9 The Guild is divided into four districts (North, Eastern, Central and Western) or in such other way as the Standing Committee shall agree and endorsed by a Guild AGM.
3.10 The Standing Committee shall set a proposed subscription for all membership categories for approval at the AGM.
3.11 The Guild shall be affiliated to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and abide by its rules and decisions on matters relating to ringing.
3.12 The Standing Committee will maintain a data protection policy that will abide by the laws of the day. This policy will be made available on the Guild website.
3.13 The Standing Committee will maintain a safeguarding policy that will abide by the laws of the day. This policy will be made available on the Guild website.



4.1 The Guild shall maintain unrestricted, designated and restricted funds as determined by the Standing Committee in accordance with current Charity Commission requirements.
4.2 The Treasurer, with the approval of the Standing Committee, shall be responsible for the administration of all Guild funds and investments.
4.3 Statements of Financial Accounts, together with a balance sheet, shall be prepared for the twelve-month period terminating on 31st December or such other period as may be determined by the Standing Committee.
4.4 The Guild will make a contribution toward the expenses of the CCCBR representatives attending the annual CCCBR meeting.
4.5 Expenses may be requested by any Guild or District officer for administrative duties. The Guild Treasurer or Trustees reserve the right to refuse if he/she/they deem the claim to be excessive or outside the scope of duties of the claimant.
4.6 Surpluses from District fundraising events must be passed to the Guild Treasurer before the year-end to assist on the production of the Guild yearly accounts



There shall be the following categories of membership of the Guild:
• Adult Member.
• Student membership (18-25 and in full time Education).
• Junior membership (Under 18).
• Associate (non ringing) membership.
• Honorary Life Membership.
• Non Resident Life Membership.

5.1 Adult membership shall entitle: • Attendance and right to vote at Guild meetings. • The ability to stand for election for a District or Guild officer position. • The ability to ring a Peal for the Guild. • Access to the Guild library. • A complimentary copy of the Guild Handbook or Directory (if available). • New member and Long Service Certificates. • Access to membership sections of the guild website

5.2 Student membership shall entitle the same rights as an Adult member.

5.3 Junior membership shall be open to persons under the age of 18. • The ability to ring a Peal for the Guild. • Access to the Guild library. • A complimentary copy of the Guild Handbook or Directory (if available). • New member and long service certificates. • Access to membership sections of the guild website

5.4 Associate membership shall be open to non-ringers who wish to be associated with and support the objects and activities of the Guild. Associate membership entitles the same rights as an Adult member.

5.5 Honorary Life Membership (HLM) shall be conferred upon those who have completed 50 years (Junior/Student/Adult/Associate) membership of the Guild. Honorary Life Members will retain their membership entitlements that they had immediately prior to their election.

5.6 Non-resident Life Membership (NRLM) shall be open to those ringers who reside outside the diocese and who do not actively ring for Sunday service at a tower within the diocese. No ringer who normally resides in the diocese shall be entitled to be a non-resident member of the Guild. Non-resident life membership entitles: • The ability to ring a Peal for the Guild

Subscriptions for each membership category can be found here.



6.1 New voting members (Junior/Student/Adult/Associate) of the TDGR must be elected at any Guild or District meeting or event where an accurate record of attendees will be recorded. Elections are not required when the status of the voting memberships changes except for that described in 6.4.

6.2 New members require a proposer who are Guild members and shall require the support of the majority of the membership at the meeting or event.

6.3 Following election, new members shall be entitled to a Guild Certificate. Such certificates shall be available at the election if application is made to the Guild Membership Secretary prior to the date of election.

6.4 Honorary Life members (HLM) may only be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Guild. If eligible they must inform the President or Secretary prior to the meeting.

6.5 Non-resident life members (NRLM) may be elected by way of a belfry election following the completion of a successful peal containing at least 50% of Guild members or at a Guild or District meeting and the payment of the non-resident life membership fee to the Guild Membership Secretary within two months of the Peal.

6.6 NRLM can be granted for members who have left the Diocese and have had three years of paid continual adult membership immediately prior to leaving.

6.7 Upon election all new members (excluding NRLM and HLM) should complete the membership details form and send any subscription due to the membership secretary, and membership is only completed on receipt of these.

6.8 The Standing Committee shall have the power to veto any election or suspended or remove membership in accordance with the Guild code of conduct and safeguarding policies.

6.9 Membership of any category does not entitle a ringer the right to ring at any tower in the diocese. This is subject to Canon Law and a matter for individual churches and their incumbents.

6.10 All membership (except for Life Membership) is annual ending 31st December. Membership renewal is due before the 1st of March for that year and should be made to the Guild membership secretary. Membership is not complete until the membership form and payment have been received. Membership may be forfeited if the form or payment has not been paid by 1st March of the indicated year.

6.11 For any particular year new members (excluding life members) elected after 1st March are entitled to pay 50% of the Guild subscription and members elected after 1st July will receive complimentary membership for the remainder of that year.


Guild and District Meetings shall follow the rules documented in Section 2.



8.1 All members, of any category of membership of the Guild are expected to follow the Guild code of conduct and the Guild safeguarding policies.
8.2 The responsibilities of the Guild and District Officers and that of the Trustees shall follow the rules documented in Section 3.



9.1 Peals rung for the Guild shall be published in the Ringing World or on Bellboard and must be in accordance with the Central Council rules.
9.2 All members of a Guild affiliated Peal must be either Adult, Student, Junior or Life members. New NRL members can be elected subject to rule 6.6
9.3 The appropriate fees for peals rung for the Guild are to be supplied to the Guild Performance Secretary by the end of the calendar year.
9.4 No Peal shall be rung for the Guild outside the Diocese unless at the time at which it is rung the majority of those taking part are resident members of the Guild.



10.1. The Rules comprise of three sections: Policies, Meetings and Officers
10.2. These documents may be altered or rescinded at an Annual General Meeting of the Guild provided that the alteration does not have the effect of causing the Guild to cease to be a charity at law and that the suitable notice period has been met. No rule shall be altered or rescinded unless two-thirds of members present with an entitlement to vote and voting, shall vote in favour of such alteration or rescission.



11.1 In the event of the dissolution of the Guild the assets shall not be distributed among the members but shall be given to some other charitable body administered for the benefit of individuals within the Guild area and having objects similar to those of the Guild.



TDGR Rules

Section 2. Meetings



1.1 The appropriate Secretary shall give notice of all meetings (business and non-business) of the Guild and of meetings of the Districts to the membership by way of tower captains or tower secretaries at least three weeks prior to the meeting. This will include notice of any resolutions to be discussed that may result in a change of rules, and invitation for any items to be added to the agenda.
1.2 Notice of meetings of the Standing Committee shall be given at least three weeks prior to such meeting. This will include a draft agenda and an invitation for additional items to be added.
1.3 The final agenda of Guild, District or Standing Committee meetings shall be made available at least two weeks before the meeting.
1.4 The President shall chair all meetings of the Guild and the District Chairman shall chair all meetings of the District. In the event that the Chairman for the meeting is unavailable, a member of the meeting duly elected for such purpose shall chair the meeting and the Secretary present at the meeting shall conduct such election.
1.5 Notice of proposals to be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), that would result in a change in any Guild rule shall be either:
(a) Approved by the Standing Committee.
(b) Received by the Guild Secretary four weeks before the meeting and signed by two members of the Guild.
1.6 Proposals in respect of all matters relating to the day-to-day running of the Guild and the election of Officers for which vacancies exist will be invited at the meeting.
1.7 A quorum for a business meeting shall be:
• Thirty members for a Guild Meeting.
• Fifteen members for a District Meeting .
• Standing Committee shall be one third of the total number of charity trustees plus one.
1.8 In the event of unforeseen circumstances the Guild Annual General Meeting may be cancelled by the President and Secretary. It must be rescheduled as the standing committee may direct, and if necessary, may be carried out using an alternative platform.



2.1 Voting on all matters shall be on a show of hands except for:
• Elections of Life Vice Presidents.
• Contested officer elections.
2.2 A resolution may be passed by the meeting requiring a secret ballot for any single vote.
2.3 All decisions shall be on a simple majority only of the members voting except for:
• Elections of Life Vice Presidents.
• Alterations to the Guild Rules.
which require a two thirds majority.
2.4 A vote shall be taken for the election of any new member or the appointment of each officer (even if the role is not contested).
2.5 In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.



3.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third Saturday in May
3.2 At the Annual General Meeting:
3.2.1 The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting shall be presented and any matters which arise from or by the meeting shall be considered. They shall be signed by the chair as a record of the previous meeting.
3.2.2 The accounts of the Guild for the preceding accounting period, duly examined by the Independent Examiner of Accounts, shall be presented together with the Guild Treasurer’s report which shall include a recommendation as to the level of the subscriptions to be paid by resident members.
3.2.3 New members may be elected.
3.2.4 The membership shall be informed of all new, resident members of the Guild elected since the previous AGM. If in attendance, certificates may be presented.
3.2.5 Names of members who have left the Guild and become Non-Resident Life members are to be announced.
3.2.5 Reports shall be presented by the President, Education Officer, Membership Secretary, Bell Restoration Officer, Public Relations Officer, Librarian, Ringing Performance Secretary, a Central Council Representative, Youth Liaison Officer and the Guild Secretary.
3.2.6 There shall be election of the Standing Committee (the Trustees). A Standing Committee endorsed proposal for the role of Bell Restoration Officer shall be identified by the SC beforehand. The Central Council Representatives are elected triennially and the number of representatives for the Guild is dependent upon the requirements of Central Council.
3.2.7 There shall be a ratification of the eight District Representatives elected at the Annual District meetings. In the event a representative fails to be ratified, the respected district is required to nominate an alternative at the earliest opportunity. This replacement will require ratification from the Standing Committee.
3.2.8 There shall be the election of Independent Examiner of Accounts.
3.2.9 There shall be the election of Life Vice Presidents. Nominations for the office of Life Vice President shall not be valid unless submitted to the Guild Secretary in writing at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.
3.2.10 Such other business as the Standing Committee shall decide shall be conducted
3.2.11 Such other business properly to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be conducted.



4.1 The Guild Secretary shall fix a date and place within six weeks of receipt of a notice signed by 30 resident members to discuss a single point agenda item. The Special General Meeting shall not deal with any business other than that for which notice in due form has been given.



5.1 The District General meetings are recommended be held at least 4 weeks prior to the Guild AGM to allow district motions to be tabled at the AGM in the same calendar year
5.2 Districts are required to elect:
• A Chairman and/or Ringing Master.
• A Secretary.
• A Treasurer.
• An Independent examiner of accounts.
• Two District Representatives (Trustees) for the Guild Standing Committee. These roles require ratification at the following Guild AGM.
There is no limit to the number of positions an individual may hold and districts may distribute the roles how they see fit.
5.3 Statement of Accounts (Receipts and Payments, and Balance Sheet), reflecting the small proportion of delegated membership fees distributed by the Standing Committee, and all other monies administered by the district during the preceding accounting period shall be presented with the District Treasurer’s report, with a copy being sent within one week to the Guild Treasurer.
5.4 Each District may make rules for the conduct of business and other matters within its own area provided that such rules do not conflict with Charity Commission requirements.

5.5 The districts may arrange other meetings and events as they see fit.
5.6 Members from a different district in the Guild are eligible to take part in meetings but are not entitled to vote.


4 weeks prior (recommended): The Districts ADMs and deadline for rule changes/motions to be with the Guild Secretary

3 weeks prior (latest): Notice of meeting and any rule changes/motions to be published and Life Vice President nomination deadline

2 weeks prior (latest): AGM Final Agenda to be distributed

0 weeks: AGM


TDGR Rules

Section 3. Officers


1.1 The Standing Committee shall consist of the membership elected Trustees (rule 3.4) and the Trustee appointed advisors (rule 3.5).
1.2. Members of the Standing Committee must be elected from Adult, Student, Associate or Honorary Life members of the Guild.
1.3 It can invite whomever it requires to attend committee or subcommittee meeting in a non-voting advisory or observational role.
1.4 It shall identify a suitable candidate to carry out the role of Bell Restoration Officer and trustee and nominate them for that role at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
1.5 It shall meet at least twice each calendar year.
1.6 It shall determine the proportion of money to be transferred to each District Treasurer as a proportion of each District total membership subscription.
1.7 It shall formulate such rules and regulations as are appropriate for the administration of the Guild funds and for the running of the Guild library.
1.8 It shall administer the Bell Restoration Fund of the Guild and shall determine the rules for the application and distribution of grants and loans.
1.9 It shall maintain a membership code of conduct and act in the best interest of the Guild and membership in the event of a member or members not to adhering to it.
1.10 Draft Minutes of Standing Committee meetings shall be available on the Guild website (members section) within 4 weeks of the meeting.
1.11 It shall take such actions and decisions as are necessary and appropriate on all matters relating to the Guild between meetings of the Guild and have power to delegate particular matters to individual Committee members until such further meeting of the Committee or of the Guild.



2.1 The President shall be a respected Resident member of the Guild with knowledge concerning the state of ringing within the Diocese. The President shall maintain contact with the Committees of the Guild, with the Districts and with the membership and shall promote the Guild and its objects on all appropriate occasions. No member shall normally be elected as President on more than three consecutive years.
2.2 The Guild Secretary shall keep minutes of all Guild and Standing Committee meetings and publish drafts within four weeks of the meeting. They shall direct and conduct all secretarial work of the Guild as required or as directed by the Standing Committee and shall report to each meeting of the Standing Committee and Guild Meetings.
2.3 The Guild Treasurer shall maintain such accounts and in a form that meets charity commission requirements and shall report to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to the Standing Committee on the finances of the Guild.
2.4 The Education Officer shall arrange courses and events to further develop the standard of ringing within the Guild and shall have responsibility for such Ringing Centres as the Guild may from time to time maintain. 2.5 Membership Secretary shall hold up to date information on Guild membership subject to data protection laws and the Guild policies and to ensure a true and accurate record of membership is maintained. They shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions from all Ringing, Associate and Non-Resident Members; all monies collected to be forwarded to the Guild Treasurer. They will also liaise with the Guild Webmaster to ensure the required access to the website is available.
2.6 The Performance Recorder shall record all noteworthy performances including all peal and quarter peals rung for the Guild in a format agreed by the Standing Committee and report to the AGM on the peals rung for the Guild during the previous year.
2.7 The Librarian shall maintain the library, archives and other records of the Guild, acquire such books and publications as are agreed, and control lending from and access to the library in accordance with the recommendations of the Standing Committee. A report shall be given to the AGM of the state and condition of the library and of any acquisitions and losses.
2.8 The Report Editor shall, subject to the general directions of the Guild, be responsible for the editing and publication of the Annual Report of the Guild in electronic or paper format and for its distribution.
2.9 The Public Relations Officer shall promote the image of the Guild and ringing generally amongst the public, the church and all ringers.
2.10 District Representatives will act to serve the interests of their respective Districts. They will act to inform the district of the activities of the Standing Committee and will in turn communicate district matters to the Standing Committee. They will be elected by their respected District and ratified at the AGM.
2.11 Central Council Representatives are required to represent the Guild and the best interests of the Guild by attending the meetings of the Central Council. The representatives are required to report to the Guild the activities of the Central Council.
2.12 The Bell Restoration Officer shall give advice on all aspects of bell restoration and maintenance, process all Bell Restoration Fund grant applications and liaise with the appropriate diocesan officials in order to encourage the preservation, restoration, augmentation and maintenance of all bells in the diocese.

2.13 The Youth Liaison Officer shall coordinate activities for younger members of the Guild.’



3.1 Webmaster shall manage the Guild Website including the content. They will also hold a limited amount of personal data in accordance with the Guild Policies.
3.2 Health and Safety Officer will act to lead the Standing Committee on matters relating to Health and Safety.
3.3 Safeguarding Officer will act to advise and lead the Standing Committee on matters relating to Safeguarding. They may seek to engage outside agencies if required to do so.



4.1 The District Chairman shall work with the District Ringing Master and District Secretary to ensure the proper running of the District in accordance with the rules of the Guild.
4.2 The District Ringing Master shall arrange practices, competitions, courses and such other events as required, report to the District Annual Meeting on the activities of the district since the last District Annual Meeting and make proposals for the period up to the next District Annual Meeting.
4.3 The District Secretary shall organise and keep all minutes of the District Annual Meeting and of all other meetings of the district, generally conduct the secretarial work of the district and maintain contact with the district membership and towers within the district as appropriate.
4.4. The District Treasurer shall administer funds received from the Guild and report on and present to the District Annual Meeting a statement of account in respect of all monies received and paid during the previous accounting period. They shall report and account to the Guild Treasurer for all monies as the Guild Treasurer requires.
4.5 The District Representatives (See 2.10)



5.1 The Independent Examiners of Accounts shall examine, as appropriate, the accounts of the Guild or of the District and shall report to the Standing Committee and the AGM or to the District Annual Meeting as appropriate. The post holders shall not be Trustees of the Guild or Officers of the District and must be elected at the AGM or District Annual Meeting