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President’s interview with our Webmaster


Full Name, Current tower(s) you ring at, any current position(s) held.

My name is Martin Spittle . Debbie and I also ring at the cathedral from time to time.


Where and when did you learn to ring, who taught you how to handle?

I learned at Gwennap having just moved into the cottage next door to the tower in 2001. I was taught by Chris Scarratt who rang there at the time, a lovely guy with a wicked sense of humour.


What do you love about ringing?

There is so much to love about ringing, the challenge of the handling, the teamwork, the friendships and camaraderie, the success of a well struck touch and the achievement of a quarter peal (I find peals a bit long).


Please name some ringer(s) that have been an inspiration to you or have taught you something. Who were they & what was so inspirational?

Adam Beer, now living in Western Australia, encouraged and inspired me. He dragged me through hundreds of quarter peals, taught me to call quarters. His enthusiasm knew no bounds, and there was nothing he could not sort out with a bit of ‘serious conducting’.


Have you ever taught anyone to ring? If so, how many people and what did you learn whilst doing so?

I helped out at the Gwennap ringing centre some 15 years ago. Debbie and I taught both my daughter’s to ring and have helped bring on others who started elsewhere  I’ve helped more recently at the Wendron teaching centre, and have taught 3 more at Gwennap in preparation for the coronation of Charles III. I learned that everybody has their own particular way of learning to ring, it’s not just a matter of one size fits all and it’s most important to keep it fun for everyone.


Tell us something that other ringers won’t necessarily know about you…

About a year ago we joined a community choir which is quite good fun. We also love going away in our motorhome.


What are  you currently learning to ring ?

I am currently trying to improve my rope sight on 12 bells which can sometimes be woefully lacking. Also trying to improve my rhythm when ringing on 12 bells as this is so important on higher numbers.


What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you whilst being involved in ringing?

My parents had been ringers for many years. They came to stay just after I’d learned to ring but I hadn’t mentioned I was learning. I told him that I had been chatting to the tower captain in the Tower next door to where I lived and that he had invited mum and Dad to come and ring in the practice that evening. After the first couple of touches dad was invited to ring in some rounds. I snuck up behind him and took the adjacent rope. He took hold and then looked around the rest of the band until he reached me. The look of surprise and joy on his face is something I will never forget.


Are you a member of any non-territorial guilds or associations? If yes, please give details of when you joined, how & what convinced you to do so.

I was voted into membership of ASCY this year having been proposed by Dave Ralls. I’m not quite sure what convinced me, maybe it seemed the next step in ringing, maybe to impress my father, now 92 and quite infirm.


What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in ringing?

A quarter peal on 12 at the Cathedral in July 2012.


What do you find difficult about ringing?

Rope sight on higher numbers especially on 12.


What can you do for the TDGR and what could it be doing for you?

Continue to look after the website, security and maintenance as well as posting information on behalf of members, and keeping it up to date.


Do you have any current or future ringing goals or aims? – please describe them, big or small.

I’d love to become proficient on 12 bells. I realise however it is at the limit of what I might achieve.



What is your favourite ring of bells of all time & why?

Given I have only rung in Cornwall,  I think my favourite are the back 8 at the Cathedral. Very majestic. I also like ringing at St Mary’s Penzance and Gorran.  I love the sound of these bells.






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