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We Need Some Help


This is the place to come to if you are  struggling to find enough ringers for a Wedding or a Funeral or a Festival etc.


We aim to put people in contact where there is a need and folk who are happy to help out.


Just to be clear, we do not take on any organising of ringing for events.
Those who are happy to help will contact you directly.






This is also where to come if you are a keen/helpful ringer, and wish to help out towers that struggle to find enough ringers for special occasions or maybe even occasional Sundays.


Below is a list of the help that is needed by towers.


If you would like to help out then either email the tower representative on the email provided or if there isn’t an email address there then please use the tower contact form. Hopefully by clicking within the details you will be taken to the right place.


If you are under 18 and decide you wish to help out a tower, please let them know when you contact them that you are under 18 for Safeguarding purposes.


Click on the text of each row to open and close details.


Fowey 4/12/23
Contact Name at Tower
Ash Jones
Contact Email Address
Date of event
4 December 2023
Time to arrive for ringing
How long to ring for and whether before or after wedding/event.
25 minutes after funeral
Fee payable
Number of ringers needed