Get well Roger Sullivan

Get Well Roger Sullivan


The TDGR wishes one of it’s longest serving members Roger Sullivan fondest Get Well Soon wishes during his current hospital stay. He has a fractured pelvis resulting from a fall.

We hope for a speedy recovery and that he’s home soon. We send both Roger and Doreen our very best wishes.

Hayley Young
TDGR Secretary


Doreen has been told that Roger is likely to be in hospital for several WEEKS, so she gave his address, letters and cards might relieve the tedium of being confined, absolutely no visitors allowed, and poor old Roger expecting to go home any day. Dr. John Sell told Doreen that pelvic fractures are hardly ever operated on, and Roger is in some pain in spite of painkillers, so buy some stamps, and let us hope he is allowed to handle his post.


Sam Nankervis

TDGR President


Update 27/5/21    Roger is now home with Doreen. He is managing the stairs and has had many offers of help if needed.  (Martin)


Update (Excerpt of email from Doreen) 13/6/21

Last Friday I borrowed a wheelchair from St Anta Church and that must be the best move I have made.  I now have two to take for a walk (Barnabas and Roger) but I cannot cope with both at the same time.  At least with Roger’s daily outing we tend to go where the ground is fairly flat and we stop for a drink and cake – Roger pays!  And Yes Roger has a beer.
Today’s entertainment whilst in Cafe 54 was the coming and goings in connection with G7.  It is perhaps a good job Roger is very limited walking wise else he would be in his element walking or stood on the streets making the most of our visitors, and chatting to everyone.
By the way did you know Joe Biden’s main advisor is named ‘Sullivan’ – thank goodness he first name is not Roger!
(Used with permission – Martin)