I write this in anticipation of the site going live by the end of the week. I am so excited and also a little nervous particularly as there is still quite a bit for me to do by way of sending out login codes, crib sheets on editing and protocols. Not too many of the latter I hope. Anyway, here goes ……..

This is a welcome which extends to TDGR members as well as the visiting public. It’s new to everyone and our members, having had no preview will be finding their way around it and through it too. It is significantly different from the previous site which will be more noticeable to us than to visitors to the site who will almost certainly have similar sites with their own Guilds or Associations.

Apart from TDGR members who have been involved with the project, other ringers have responded to queries and requests immediately and for that I remain enormously grateful. You know who you are on the CCCBR and a web master or two from other Guilds. For all the others within TDGR a huge thank you in addition to those acknowledged on the Home Page.

This website is our principle communication platform both internally and externally. It is a dynamic project and the site will evolve over time as one would expect. However, don’t expect any major changes for some time, we need to become familiar and comfortable with it. Doubtless there will be some tidying up evident and I hope to see tower members starting to personalise their internal tower pages. All in good time.

To all you ringers who are coming down here on your hols, welcome. You have made contact with us and have I hope had some good ringing and a few towers added to your lists. Now that the site is up and running, planning your ringing just became a whole lot easier. Feedback is welcome here or through the contact forms and although I can’t say that all suggestions will be implemented they will be  stored up and considered. As I have said, this is a dynamic project.

Annie Holland, TDGR President