How to email everyone (on “the list”)

Before this website was built we had the ability to email fellow ringers via something called “the list” or “the TDGR List”. For various technical reasons it proved impossible to keep that going as it was and so “the list” had to be recreated using something called Mailchimp ( a mass email facility which is free to low volume users like us).

When you want to email everyone on the “TDGR List” please go to the homepage on the website and click on “TDGR List” on the top menu (or you may scroll down the right hand side and click on “use the TDGR mail list”)

This all looks a bit different from the website and this is because it is Mailchimp which has been added in. The first boxes allow you to join the list so please tell those not on “TDGR List” to join. Scroll down a bit further and you will see 3 coloured boxes. Click on the obvious one “Email The List at Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers” and hey presto, up comes your email form addressed to ” tdgr-list-owner”. Write your email and send it.

Your email will be picked up by one of the moderators who will send it on to everyone. We have moderators to stop you getting spam or other non Guild mail.

Annie 1.1.2019