Just a reminder

  • log in if you want to see all the information on individual towers just as it was in the Guild Report
  • log in if you want to get in touch with a tower captain or secretary
  • log in and then click on “please click here when logged in” on the main district pages. Login, go to “towers”, click on the district of choice and click to see all your district information. This is new and was not in the Guild Report.
  • please let your district secretaries know of any changes to your ringing or ringers so that they may amend the details on your tower page
  • Want to amend your own details, add images, more text – email admin and receive a username and instructions
  • want to get in touch with a tower quickly/can’t be bothered to login – look up the tower on the website and use the anonymised enquiry form. These are directed to the tower secretary or nominated correspondent
  • have a suggestion to make, a query, a moan – email admin currently myself or Martin (Spittle)
  • bored, time to waste – login and click on everything on the site, explore, be curious (the site is backed up all the time so you can’t break it)

Annie, 23.10.18