Papers for AGM May 2022 at Bodmin

Reports for 2021



Agenda TDGR AGM Bodmin 2022



Draft Guild AGM Minutes 18.9.2021



Officers’ Reports:



President & Secretary

TDGR President and Secretary Report for 2021



Treasurer’s Report for 2021

Accounts for 2021

Notes to Accounts for 2021



BRO Report 2021



Membership Secretary Report for AGM 2022


Public Relations Officer

PRO Report AGM 2022


Ringing Performance Sec

Performance Sec Report 2021


Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding report for AGM 2022



Librarians Report for 2021



Link to 2021 AGM report where the most recent CCCBR meeting is reported


Eductaion & Health and Safety Officer posts are vacant so there are no reports.




Changes to the rules of the Guild



The Standing Committee has been keeping under review the new rules and has come to the conclusion a few minor wording changes are necessary for the ongoing smooth running of the Guild, and to incorporate a new officer role, that of Youth Liaison Officer.



Please click each to download the document.


Summary of changes


Rules – Proposed Policies Document


Rules – Proposed Meetings Document


Rules – Proposed Officers Document