Going West – Acting Education Officer is out and about!

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Christine Iles at the Guild BBQ at St Erme last month. I had previously been in contact with her about possibly arranging a visit to Stithians for some of the Truro students, to expand their experience and widen their bellringing circle. She was extremely encouraging of the idea and so it was arranged. It also meant I could continue my visits across the Guild and make a trip to the Western District.

Our visit to Stithians practice night was nothing short of fantastic. Christine has been training a number of students at Stithians, and had in fact been ringing in the morning with them. This meant we were really very fortunate and the Truro students were able to make the most of a lot of rope time! Not only this, but everyone in attendance was welcoming, we laughed a lot, and supported those trying to improve themselves. The result of this? One student making great strides in his called changes, and the other ringing the best struck rounds I’ve heard from him, and ringing (several) bells up and down.

What an amazing opportunity to be able to visit another tower, be welcomed, and come away having achieved so much in such a short time! Do you have a nearby tower that you collaborate with? If you don’t have you considered it? It can be so beneficial and mutually rewarding.

On a more personally level, I enjoyed being able to meet some new faces and chat about what I can do to help as the acting education officer – I’m getting a lot of requests for education days with a specific focus, so do watch this space for news on these in the near future.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or requests for me as the new education officer, please do get in touch. Perhaps there’s a specific education day topic you would like to see covered? Or perhaps assistance on your practice night? Do please let me know, there’s no request too big or too small.


Jemma Hoare

Guild Education Officer (Acting)

Jemma at Stithians